Jim Nelson Memorial Trout Pond

The Club is proud of having reclaimed an old borrow pit, turning it into this beautiful pond completely surrounded by trees. The pond is stocked with lake trout twice a year and aerated in the winter to provide oxygen to keep the fish alive. The best part about this pond, is that its open to the public for fishing all season long.


Duck Nesting Tubes


We’ve taken full advantage of our trout pond to create a sanctuary for ducks to safely nest by installing nesting tubes which provide breeding ducks a safe place to hatch their eggs. The tubes are raised on a post above the water to provide shelter from predators and the elements, increasing ducklings chance of survival from 20% to 80%.

habitat property stewardship

We have partnered with the Alberta Fish and Game Association’s Wildlife Trust Fund to take over the stewardship of the Wabamun North Shoreline property. Club members will conduct regular inspections of the property to ensure it is being used with care as intended.