Our Objectives

To promote the conservation of our fish, wildlife and natural resources in the Province of Alberta.

To assist in educating the people of our province and community to enjoy the values of our wildlife and natural resources, and to conserve them for the benefit of future generations.

To assist in the education and sponsorship of our youth through Narrow Lake Conservation Camp, Hunter Education Training, and PAL courses

To promote and assist in sound long term management of Alberta’s fish and wildlife

To insist on continued public ownership of all public lands and wildlife

To obtain and maintain access to public lands

To work with government, industry, and other organizations in local programs; supporting the enhancement, development and maintenance of habitat for all species of fish and wildlife

To promote outdoor ethics and safety, and to teach and practice the safe use and the proper care of firearms

To promote the cause of fish and game and wildlife propagation, conservation and to encourage the study, gathering and publishing of information on these subjects for the benefit of the members of the association and the general public